Who is Magistra?

Geography A third generation native San Franciscan, I’m passionate about the city and its possibilities even when I’m not living there (which has been most of my life). Tony Bennett left his heart in my hometown, but I left part of mine in Perth, Australia where I lived for almost three years. Now, I can almost believe the photo above is the “moment of Zen” I see everyday coming home from school.

Name Magistra is a feminized version of a Latin word that can mean teacher (magister, magistri m.). No, it’s not what Roman students called out to their tutors (who of course would have been male anyway), but it’s what my high school Latin teacher used.

Education I majored in political science as an undergrad, and became especially interested in comparative politics – really, in comparative electoral systems. If I decide to pursue more formal education in this area, I’d write a thesis about designing an electoral system that best addresses the political cleavages in a society. I had the opportunity to spend a semester in the Institute for Civic Leadership and that is where I first began to develop the vocabulary of civic leadership and engagement. After my sojourn in Australia, I spent a year working for a public opinion research firm (aka, a pollster). That’s when I decided that if I wanted to work for civic engagement, it wasn’t going to be in partisan politics.

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