Posted by: Magistra | June 6, 2008

One Down, 19 To Go

That’s how another first year teacher put it today, and I think it sounds right.

As a student teacher I lucked out. Not only did I have two supportive cooperating teachers, I had two departments of teachers who wanted me to succeed and repeatedly told me I was headed in the right direction. At the end, I received lots of advice and heard many first year stories. The one I keep holding on to is that it may feel like they’re not learning anything, but it’s not true. Learning is happening. Maybe more learning will happen later, but learning is happening.

I hope learning happened this year. I keep seeing all the things I want to do better for them next year, but I think some learning happened.


The best entry in my yearbook: “Magistra, You’re a cool teacher! I can’t believe I’m going to say this…this is hard for me, but…you made me like math class! I hope I see you next year! Thank you!”


Tomorrow, I join a group of teachers on a wine tour. I don’t think there are better post-school plans than that.



  1. Hope your summer is going great!

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