Posted by: Magistra | April 17, 2008


I was asked today if I was interested in being Math Dept. chair next year. Our department chair was out this week and we were supposed to meet. For sending two emails, taking notes, and loosely facilitating a meeting, I made myself look like department chair material. (Which, along with the fact that five of us were hired this year, points to the state of Denmark.)

It makes me want to laugh that a first year teacher truly could become department chair in her second year. I do love that our school has a very young staff (I refer not only to age but more importantly to teaching experience), so there’s no “you must wait 5 years and then we’ll give you the good classes” kind of thing happening. I’d by lying if I said I wasn’t interested. I have the organization and people skills to be good at this. I just think I’d be better with a little more familiarity with the school. So I think I’m going to try to deflect. But the flattery feels good. :-)


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