Posted by: Magistra | April 1, 2008

Nine Weeks

Nine weeks to go. Three weeks ’til CST’s, then one week of testing. Take away another week for Finals, and that leaves 4 weeks of time to do something. I’m looking forward to that, especially in Geometry. We can design a garden and, if this grant money really is there, actually help construct it. We can create tessellations and put a mural on the outside of my classroom. We can design a bomb shelter and build a model to scale (I’m pretty sure they’ll be doing WWII in World Civ). We can write and illustrate our own English/Spanish Geometry glossaries. We can design and play our own board games and puzzles. We can build bridges with triangles and sqaures and arches and test them to see which is the strongest. There’s got be a great extension of proofs too that I’m just not seeing right now.

In Algebra, I think I’ll dust off my polling background and refine a project I did last year. In English, students will be working on persuasive essays, so my next door neighbor (their English teacher) and I are going to try to make what we do in Algebra relevant to what their English topic is. It’d be a whole lot easier if we truly were small learning communities with 100% the same students, but we’re not. Such is life. Actually, to hoot my own horn, I think we’ve gotten pretty good at designing stand alone activities that are relevant for all students and more enriching for our common students. Not bad for two first year teachers.

And I only have three weeks to get through before, for better or worse, the testing monkey is off my back.


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