Posted by: Magistra | February 14, 2008

Something In the Air

School (at least the teachers) is starting to buzz with ideas and hopes for next year. I’ve got a few of those myself, especially if I teach Geometry again. It occurs to me, belatedly, that there is no reason I have to wait for my administration to teach social science. If I were to start the year again there would be no unit on “Constructions” and no unit on “Polygons.” Instead there would be units on:

  •  Islamic Art (perfect for introducing foundations of geometry and constructions);
  • Origami (properties of polygons);
  • Building contests (which would compliment understanding the “superiority” of triangles);
  • Agriculture (imagine using crop yields and local geography to think about area); and
  • Architecture (learning about scale and similarity by using it to go from plans to model to reality).

It’s not a complete list, at least not yet, and I don’t know nearly enough about all those topics to effectively use them, but it’s a nice daydream. And I can see using at least some of it, because now that I’m actually using learning targets, I can see the foundation I could build from. I just wish I could go back and reteach these students, because they’re a great group and I would like for them to get my best. Not that I expect year 2 to be my best teaching ever, but I can already see how much better it will be. This semester is already leaps and bounds above last semester.


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