Posted by: Magistra | January 30, 2008

One Step Forward, Two Steps…

I’m a first year teacher. I’ve never taught Geometry before in any capacity, and I only student taught one semester of Algebra A (meaning, one quarter of Algebra I material). Needless to say, I’m reinventing the wheel on a regular basis. I know all teachers do this, (have you ever read someone else’s lesson plan and thought, “yeah, I could do that exactly as written”?) and I know that by definition you do this more often the first time you teach something (by more often, I mean every single frakin’ day). I try to live with this. The hard part is trying to accept that not every class in a week will be at the top of my game (which I can only force myself to consider because 11-13 hours is simply as many as I can work in one day). And I know that every teacher acquires a wide range of resources, many found and purchased without any support (financial or otherwise) from their school. But when I am told by that school to teach a particular list of skills, naturally based on the state standards, and the only resource I am given is a textbook that does not cover that material in any form – then I get frustrated. But of course I wrote the worksheet and of course I’m teaching those skills, because it’s not the students’ fault. And don’t I teach for the kids?


  1. Oh my darling,

    You need to give yourself a big break, and not only because if you don’t then probably no one else will.

    I write almost all my own materials because I find the ones from the book banal.

    But Rome was NOT built in a day! Do what you can, give the best you can, and let it be.

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