Posted by: Magistra | October 18, 2007

Coming Out the Other Side

I think I’m beginning to emerge from the other side of the October dip. I knew October was a long month in school, but it’s the difference between knowing and feeling.

The single thing that made me relax again was having my math coach teach a lesson for me. I was an active participant, but she was front and center. And the students did the exact same things to her that they do to me. She kicked the same girl out that I most frequently ask to leave. Before this, she’d told me it wasn’t anything I was or wasn’t doing, the RSP aide told me that, my induction program advisor told me that, and my veteran next door neighbor told me that. But seeing is believing. Since she taught, class really hasn’t improved (in fact Wednesday was probably the second worst day we’ve had together), but I am not nearly as bothered. Of course I’m still trying to get it back on track, but it’s not me. Or rather, it’s not just me. So I’m telephoning parents (still not totally comfortable with the translation process), arranging parent conferences, sending weekly logs home with students, and generally trying to get the three to stop taking time away from the other 32.

Maybe some day I’ll write about lesson ideas or assessment plans again. Today, I’m just happy to have my smile back.

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