Posted by: Magistra | October 3, 2007

Translated Talk

I had my first translated phone call home today. Odd process, watching someone else explain the good things you see and the problems you’re having with a student, especially when you can catch nouns and verbs flying past, but can’t quite tie them together. If I stick around here, I think it will be the final motivation I need to turn my limited Spanish into halfway decent spoken Spanish. I wonder how the conversation felt on the mother’s side.

I also went to my first induction seminar yesterday. They gave us a free book, which I also think my school is going to give me next Thursday. As someone else joked, we can sell the extra copy on the teachers’ black market. The best thing about it (besides the wonderfully garlicy salad dressing) was that I could walk there from home. I told my mother I’d need to walk home just to work my annoyance out, but surprisingly, that’s not how I was feeling. There are certainly higher priority things I would have liked to do with that three hours, but as teacher training goes, I’ve spent far more time doing far less.

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