Posted by: Magistra | March 2, 2007

She Roars

I woke up at 3:00am, wondered what interupted my sleep, and realized I was sick. Flash forward a few hours, and I get to school, swallow a couple of my favorite anti-cold pills (feeling like at any moment the sheriff and his drug dog are going to pounce on me) and figure I’ll be good to go.

Yeah, obviously not. I have never let my exasperation show so much in first period (my mostly freshmen Algebra A class). But here’s the part that has me wondering – the students responded well to it. They saw I was at my rope’s end, and they stopped talking, started writing, and only asked relevant questions. Is this good? Can I pretend that they respect me enough that when they see my buttons have been pushed to that point, they stop? Or did I just trigger their default position when adults start to show anger? My headache is telling me to worry about this some other week, and to just delight in the fact that 26 (out of 32) students raised their grades this week. Yeah, yeah learning is more than passing grades, but when numbers are going your way, I’m going to take comfort in them.

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