Posted by: Magistra | March 1, 2007

She Lives (and posts)

Why has it taken so long for me to post something new? Mostly because everything I’ve written has been about the credential process. I’m hardly above ranting (just ask the people I live with), but part of me feels, even in the purposely “anonymous” world I’m creating, that it’s just not appropriate to go on and on about how bad the credential program is. I just don’t think I can get mad at my relatives for being disappointed that I’m a mere teacher, and then complain about the quality of the training I’m receiving.

I read some brief AP article a couple of months ago that talked about some conference (or maybe a paper?) at Stanford about the state of ed schools. In it, a professor described them as the Rodney Dangerfields of universities – they ain’t got no respect. That still makes me chuckle. The irony is the university is going through a national accreditation process and they’ve asked me to participate.

I feel compelled to mention that, with one notable exception, every university class has offered me something or asked me to do at least one thing I consider worthwhile. However, I also feel that if they asked for graduate level work they could stop reminding us that these are graduate level courses.

To be fair, it is because of the credential program that I am at this high school, working with these students and teachers and staff-members. It is absolutely absurd how a 15-year old can make my day just by smiling and saying “hey” when we cross paths. And the ones who shout across the quad? They make my week. It’s an almost daily struggle not to turn into that annoying pinching-your-cheek auntie who always tells you how you’ve grown. But they do! All the time! And I’m not talking physical growth here, although of course that’s happening. I hope I continue to enjoy this, even after I’ve seen the 3,000th boy becoming a young man.

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