Posted by: Magistra | October 22, 2006


When procrastinating, some people visit friends or go to bars. Others clean their rooms and organize their possessions. Me? I come up with other, voluntary work to do.

And that is why I spent my brain energy this weekend thinking about a class of struggling Geographers. When there are more F’s than A’s, B’s and C’s combined, you have a problem. And it’s going to be a real problem because my cooperating teacher’s plan is that by this point in the semester, students should have the groundwork to do some fun group projects. Well, you can’t really do a group project when more than half your class can’t be relied on to contribute.

I got to thinking that there has to be a good way to use this pretty unique situation – two teachers in one class – to the students’ (failing and not failing) advantage. And so tomorrow I’m going to propose to my CT that he take the students with C’s or better and do exactly what he plans to do with the other Geography class, while I work with the other group. My plan is that each week will essentially be a mini-unit. Monday will be about study skills. One week we’ll outline, another work on lecture notes, another on test strategies. Tuesday will be for presenting the core content for the week. Wednesday we write (power paragraph anyone?), Thursday they give a brief presentation, and Friday there’s a test. Throughout the week, there will be a packet to work on (that will include things like presentation outlines and writing prompts along with other info like maps). Got to work the details out with my CT of course, but I’m thinking that if they can maintain a 75% or better for at least two weeks, then they can rejoin the “normal” class when they start a new unit.

Such a better way to spend my time than what I was supposed to be doing this weekend…


  1. Ha- I’m procrastinating right now at your blog instead of finishing my homework that’s due tomorrow, plus I’m watching the ball game.

    It sounds like your solution is perfect. Great idea!

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