Posted by: Magistra | October 9, 2006

Organized Chaos

You know that model of market activity, where goods/services flow in a circle from business to product market to consumer to factor market back to business, and money flows in the reverse direction? Well, today we created a living model in class. Or at least we tried. Organized chaos – that oxymoron was created for today.

Some of the confusion was great, some was frustrating (from students who didn’t buy into it), and some was just loud. In the middle of it, forgetting that my supervisor was there observing, I let out just about the loudest yell I’ve got. Which had the desired effect (is it wrong to relish the looks of surprise I got from some students?), but had me concerned after I remembered I was being officially observed. Thank goodness she was giving me props just for attempting a simulation.

Lesson of the day: When doing a simulation, don’t randomly assign roles. Use natural leaders to your advantage.

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