Posted by: Magistra | October 6, 2006

May I have your attention?

Ways to win cool points:

    • Tell students that in Australia ACDC is called “acka-dacka”
    • Answer the classroom telephone (so strange…like they’ve never seen a telephone ring)
    • Let students use the classroom computer
    • Don’t be the teacher
  • Ways to lose cool points:

    • Grade chapter outlines
    • Take a calculator away from a student
  • ‘Cause it’s all about me being cool. Why else would I go back to high school?

    On another note, I was poked with a pencil today. Not stabbed, but poked. The way you might poke a friend whose attention you’re trying to get. The way one student tried to get my attention.

    I feel like I’m supposed to be upset about this, like I’m supposed to worry that students aren’t taking me seriously or that my classroom management skills aren’t up to snuff. I can already hear one of my prof’s (he’s big on being in control of the moment). But you know what? This was not a slippery slope to chaos. This was one freshman girl on a frisky Friday confusing the line between being friendly and being friends. Maybe I’d be more upset if I thought it was going to happen again. And if it does, I probably will be upset. (Will I be more upset with myself or her?) But I really don’t think it’s going to happen again. I think we’re both clear again that poking me with a pencil is on the other side of that line.

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