Posted by: Magistra | September 16, 2006

Yeah, We’re In High School

Friday was the Big Game for my high school, STHS (for “Student Teaching High School”), and its crosstown rival, OHS (for “Other High School”). The school put on a free BBQ for everyone, there was face painting, “encouragement bags” for the football players, and a lot of energy around campus. It was fun. A little wacky in the classroom, but fun.

I cut out early, and am walking through the parking lot to my car, when I see something I don’t usually see on my car – yellow paint. Yep. Some brat from OHS had “decorated” my car. Now, if they’d stopped at writing “OHS” across my back window, I would have laughed it off as a harmless, dare I say humorous, prank. (Especially because the considerate vandals had used markers meant for writing on windows so it washed right off.) But the brats also added a homosexual slur across a side window. Which is bothersome in so many different ways: they went from supporting their school to bashing STHS (the car next to me had “STHS sucks” on the window); someone wanted to insult me (or rather, anyone in some way connected to STHS); and of course the whole idea that homosexuality is insulting or degrading in and of itself.

Let’s just say that my enthusiasm for the Big Game dissipated pretty quickly.

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