Posted by: Magistra | September 1, 2006

And We’re Off

I’ve just wrapped up my first two weeks of being a student teacher. The good news is week 2 was much better than week 1. I’m almost over asking teachers if I can observe their classrooms. It was just awkward at first. I felt like I was saying, “Excuse me, I know it’s the beginning of a new year and you’re trying to learn 170 new names, get 170 people to work out a routine, and help 170 people learn something new, but could you drop all that for me? Thanks.” It helped that just about everyone was happy to not only let me watch, but wanted to give me tips (“gotta use a packet”; “it’s all got to be in a notebook”) and talk about what they were doing. A lot of them seem to think their student teaching/credential process was less than satisfactory (gee, I never would have guessed from reading teachers’ blogs…), and want mine to be better.

More importantly, I’m doing things besides sitting off to the side, watching. Of course, those things involve a lot of the administrative side of teaching (taking roll, grading tests, running copies, etc). But I’ve joined in a couple of discussions and even if they don’t know my name, I think everybody already associates me with Australia. And plans are in the works for my first official solo teaching experience. I’ve got to iron out the details, but on September 11 I’m going to talk about cost-benefit analysis and use our new airport security practices as an example. My official teaching experiences are happening in Economics, hence the cost-benefit angle. I’m looking forward to it.

I have to say that the one thing I’m definitely not doing that all my university classes stress is knowing everyone’s names. I’m spending 3 periods a day with my cooperating teacher, and I’ve got 1 class down, and about half of the geography class, but I’m probably rounding up if I say I can match a third of names and faces in the other econ class. Something to work on next week.


  1. I wouldn’t worry too much about the names.

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