Posted by: Magistra | July 26, 2006

Vacation Over

Clearly, it’s been more than “about a week” since I last posted something. Why the long gap? Partly because I added an SF trip to stretch that week into something more like two, partly because I hate being anywhere near my computer in the heat (I really picked the wrong year to move here: first the coldest, wettest, snowiest winter in x-years, and now the hottest, muggiest summer in x-years), and partly because I took the math CSET last Saturday.

When I took the AP Chemistry test I thought that was surely the most challenging standardized test I’d ever sit. What I didn’t foresee was that someday I’d try to take a test that was equally challenging, only incorporating material from three years of study, that I hadn’t been actively using or studying for about six years.

Sure, I could have started studying earlier, but I’m not really upset with my prep. The questions I struggled with are the ones I always resisted: abstract theory that most likely builds to something, but I never encountered that something. (I wonder when you do. After Calculus, what’s the next big concept class?)

Did I pass? I think the odds are 50-50. I’m not sure how they turn 30 multiple choice questions and 4 free responses into 300 points, but I either want to bomb it or pass it. I don’t want to get a 200 or anything like that (220 is passing). I don’t really want to do this again.

I picked up some light reading the other day, so I’m going to go see how David Horowitz plans to save higher education from the scourge of liberal bias (please note sarcasm).

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