Posted by: Magistra | July 1, 2006

School Search

I’m off tomorrow for about a week. First to not-Yosemite (leaving tomorrow and I still haven’t worked out the name of the town) for a few days of “camping” (is it camping when you’re staying in a tent cabin?) and then off to the south/central coast. The Yosemite trip is pure pleasure, but the coastal excursion is to spend a little time in the area and see if perhaps I want to try getting a job there next year. Besides being an absolutely horrible time to be away from a television (not only the World Cup, but now the Tour de France has started too and no Lance means – finally – it could be exciting!), I’m looking forward to it. And if it helps make me feel more decisive about where I want to live, it will be well worth it.

Who am I kidding? Even if I fall in love with the central coast, there will still be Australia, and the possibility of returning.

Stopping now, in serious danger of sounding like “those were the best years of my life.”

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