Posted by: Magistra | June 22, 2006


If we’d played the Czechs, and then Ghana and ended with Italy, I would have been happy with this World Cup. But of course that’s not how the games went, and so instead I’m not exactly disappointed, but not exactly satisfied either. We go from disastrous to exceptional to moments of both. Ah well. It was fun while it lasted. Now I’m pulling for my favorite US-substitutes: Mexico and Australia.

The pre-algebra teacher was in a car accident this morning and so came in a bit late. The office couldn’t find a sub, so they asked me to go next door and get the kids settled. Even as she was asking, I was a bit surprised. I mean, I know I’m capable of being responsible for a dozen eighth/ninth graders, but the only thing the school district knows is that I don’t have TB.

Fortunately for me, there was some confusion about last night’s homework, so there was something for the students to work on. So the students are basically working individually, and I’m going over a problem with one student, when the summer school principal walks in about 20 minutes into class. This isn’t surprising, but I am surprised when he just sits down. No hello to the class. No info for the students, and no info for me. I finished working with the one student and went over to the principal and said something about how he was here to replace me, but he said, “Oh no, you should stay.” Okay, fine.

So now he’s sitting at the front of the class, and I’m standing there. Him: teacher/summer school principal. Me: volunteer. Him: responsible for students’ learning. Me: responsible for my own learning. Guess which one of us intervened when students started asking each other how to do the work. Here’s a hint: he never left his chair.

It just seems weird. I mean, I could spin this as a great sign of confidence in me (or at least in my ability to appear competent), but really he just seemed incredibly uninvolved.

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