Posted by: Magistra | June 18, 2006

35 + a few minutes to play

Yesterday was wonderful. I mean, it was horrible. The ref made some, shall we say, curious calls, and Pope and Mastroeni are gone for our next game (of course, a couple Ghana Stars are also out), and we’re in a must-win situation, but it was an absolutely wonderful effort by the US. Obviously, you want to win, but when your team plays like this, any result is satisfactory. And against Italy? More than satisfactory.

Everything except the coverage. The announcers are… well, I bet that if Univision was playing the games live, ABC/ESPN ratings would plummet. And it’s like I can almost guarantee that if the action moves toward the bottom of the screen, the graphics guy will choose that moment to put up some huge note about how a US player from a state north of the Mason-Dixon line has never scored in Europe against a European team in a stadium without a roof. Maybe they haven’t noticed, but this is soccer, not baseball.

Last night I employed my favorite procrastination technique: do work, just not work with a deadline. So I looked over the Geography textbook my cooperating teacher loaned me for the summer and started mapping out a semester course. The book is organized by region, but I don’t think that works. It’s very much a survey of geography, which is fine, but the region set up leaves you with the impression that after reading each unit you have some general knowledge of the region’s geography. I think it’s more accurate to say that after reading the book you have a general understanding of what geography is, as illustrated in different parts of the world. So this leaves me not wanting to do units on continents/regions, but on Population, Environmental Impact, Physical Features/Processes, Economics, and Political Geography.

But then I think about when I was a student, and themed units like that were almost always the most frustrating. I never felt like it was clear what the point was. And I think part of basic geographical knowledge is knowing that the Nile is in Africa, that Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia, and things like that. And those things are probably easier to think of in terms of region. But then again, river deltas share similarities whether we’re talking about the Mississippi in New Orleans or the Nile in Alexandria.

I don’t know. And I don’t need an answer now. I have a whole semester to see how someone else does this. (Just trying to remind myself why someone thinks all this blah-work will make me a better teacher.)

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