Posted by: Magistra | June 10, 2006

Worldly Woes

I have a very easy life right now. I am a student. That's it. I am not gainfully employed (not really anyway), I am not involved with any university activities, and I am not volunteering my time for any organized political or charitable purpose. I say this not because I am necessarily proud of my lack of commitments, but just to establish that I ought to have plenty of time to enjoy the world's greatest sporting event:

The World Cup.

I certainly had more things going on four years ago, and I undoubtedly will be busier four years from now. So why, why does my one summer commitment run from June 12 through June 30? The lady who placed me at the school even said, "Well, it ends at 12:30, so you'll still have your afternoons free." I don't need my afternoons free! I need 6am and 9am and 12pm free!

And yes, if this is the biggest problem I can come up with, life's pretty good. I'm just having a whinge.


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