Posted by: Magistra | June 4, 2006

Where I Live

The town I’m currently living in has a reputation within the county for being very white. I don’t disagree. The local high school, according to the most recent demographic information from the CA Department of Education, is 90% white. But the “big town” has one high school that’s 80% white, 10% Latino and 6% Asian. The other high school is 68% white, 17% Latino and 9% Asian. The high school where my first prac is going to be (in the “poor town”) is 66% white, 11% Latino and 14% Asian. (Note: Nothing adds to 100% because I didn’t mention ethnic groups that make up less than 5% of the total population.)

I’d suspected something like this, but now that I have the numbers to prove it, I really don’t get why people in these other towns talk about how “un-diverse” this one is. Two-thirds white (at best) is still quite a majority, especially when the other third is divided.

I guess it’s a good thing that places want to be more diverse than others, but this county still has a ways to go.


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