Posted by: Magistra | May 31, 2006

Doesn’t Feel Worth It

Nothing says “your education is important to us and we value your contribution to our community” like finally being able to log in to your online class and finding…last semester’s information. Yeah, technically the class starts tomorrow, but I’ll be shocked if it’s updated by then.

I had one online class start off terribly last semester, but I attributed that to a bad prof. I’m thinking what I ought to attribute that to is a poorly managed department. Exhibit A being the horrible prof. (Really, this isn’t a case of not liking a professor. Of course I’ve had professors I’ve disagreed with or not personally liked, but you can’t even have a professional relationship with a professor who literally never responds) My other online class started off well, but then the professor disappeared. He even apologized to us for his lack of commitment during the last class. Part of it was that his father first became very ill and later died, and his lack of focus for that reason is completely understandable. What isn’t, is when he started prioritizing his work in Sacramento, developing part of the state education framework. When I’m feeling charitable, I assume that he had his life very narrowly balanced, and dealing with his father wrecked that balance. When I’m not feeling so charitable (like now), I wish he had the strength to “just say no” to teaching or to Sacramento.

You might think the solution is to stop taking classes online, but it’s not like there aren’t problems in person. For example, why not tell me that the book I bought for one class is going to be used for another? I just found out my summer class is using the same text as my democracy class last semester, but I of course sold the book back already.

Speaking of the summer class, originally it said it was going to run from June 1 to 16. Makes sense; summer classes are always time intensive in short little bursts. Well, now it says it runs from June 1 to August 16! Frankly, I don’t believe that end date. Still, I guess it’s a good thing my plans to visit Australia fell through because who knows when the class actually ends? (the posted syllabus says the last day is in May…)

I’m just frustrated. I know that not having class info posted the day before class starts isn’t the end of the world, but along with everything else (did I mention that when I made that all important meeting with my cooperating teacher to which I had to be on time and wear appropriate clothing – duh – the teacher had not agreed to have a student teacher next fall?), I’m just tired of it all. It just doesn’t seem worth it. But there’s nothing else I want to do. Or at least not something that won’t have its own problems. What a great slogan: Become a Teacher – It won’t suck as much as some other things could.

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