Posted by: Magistra | May 20, 2006

Standardized Fun

I just got back from taking the CSET (CA subject test to prove I’m subject matter competent). I took all three of the social science tests which was a good decision. I’d started to wonder after hearing from some people that there’s lots of writing and that it takes a long time, but I left after about three and a half hours and I don’t think my writing quality suffered from exhaustion/frustration.

If there’s any subtest I didn’t pass, it was the World History/Geography one. I feel like that’s the nature of the beast. You’re never going to know thirty thousand years of history. I think I did reasonably well on the written responses, so I think it’ll come down to whether I selected the best answer to the odd question on 15th century Incan and Aztec empires, or India around 1000 A.D. (I thought it interesting that the test used A.D. for anno domini and not C.E. for common era), or Hinduism and Buddhism, or what have you.

I feel like this was a better standardized test than others (there weren’t as many questions where I felt more than one answer was possible, depending on how I was supposed to interpret the question), but I wonder if that’s partly because I wasn’t taking the English section. It was always the English or reading section that used to drive me crazy.

Now I wait for the score and decide to start preparing for the math test or not.

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