Posted by: Magistra | May 17, 2006

School’s Out for Summer

Met my cooperating teacher today. Turns out he teaches geography and economics. He sounds really flexible, which I’m pretty sure in the long term is a good thing, but right now it has me feeling…unclear. I almost would have preferred it if he’d said call me by xxx, expect to be here for xx periods, and expect to teach xx. I know that’s the result of my usual mini freak-out over a new environment, so I’m going to stick with the “flexible is good” approach.

My first inclination is that geography is more my thing, but he suggested, and I agreed, that I’ll take a look for the first week or so, and then we can talk about where I want to start incorporating the teaching experiences I have to do for my first prac. He loaned me a copy of the econ and geography textbooks, and I probably will take a look at them over the summer.

Speaking of summer, mine officially began today. To celebrate, I went swimming for the first time. Little chilly, but as long as I kept moving it felt great. Especially after driving all over the county in a car without air conditioning. Tomorrow I relax, and then I start working on all the little things I want to accomplish before school starts.


Nearly forgot that Wednesday means there’s another edition of the Carnival of Education. Swing by to see what educators are writing about.


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