Posted by: Magistra | May 6, 2006

Goals for Blogging

Create a record. I’m working on acquiring a teaching credential and I’m thinking about different aspects of education, teaching, schooling, and learning. I want to be able to remember what I’m thinking about now, both to reflect on from my future perspective and to be able to find that book/website/etc. again.

Gather my thoughts. I often wish I walked around with a tape recorder that I could mentally turn on every time I had a stray thought that’s worth fleshing out, but not at that exact moment. I want to use this as a place to put down half thought-out musings and to return to those musings and re-examine them.

Of course, I could accomplish both those goals with a paper and pen journal. But I’m hoping that the imagined audience will help me make this a regular activity. And if the audience does ever become reality, I’d like to think we’d exchange ideas and strategies.

Things to keep in mind:

Venting. I am much more likely to write about something that frustrated or angered me than something that pleased me. I always tell people that everyone needs to vent sometimes, but that’s not all I want to do here.

Anonymity. How anonymous do I want to be? I’m not really sure. After I convince myself that I really am doing this on a reliable basis, I do plan on sharing this site with people who know me in “real life.” I suppose the real question is, “How easy do I want to make it for people to connect this virtual identity with my physical identity?” We shall see.

Politics. When I read the news, I tend to address (by which I mean, yell at) the newspaper, computer screen, or television set. There are few days when I don’t find something that I find reprehensible and someone that I want to encourage to look at a more important issue. I will write about some of that, but I don’t want to write a political blog that focuses on how wrong the other guy is. He may be wrong, but me telling him so isn’t going to help me or him or any issue I care about. We’ll see how long it takes me to forget this principle.

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